Field surveys and archaeological documentation at the highest level of quality with academic precision and swiftness as within commercial industry. We care about cultural heritage and we help our clients to protect it.

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Commercial diving

Welding, thermal cutting, dredging, underwater inspections and much more. Archcom provides most of the commercial diving services required by the maritime transport and engineering industry. We work according to strict H&S rules and ensure  local legislation is adhered to.

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One of the reasons Archcom can stand up to the competition is our constant search for new technologies that can improve quality of our services. We offer to our clients a list of methods that can find application in the offshore and inshore industry as well as archaeology and other scientific professions.

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Get to know us

There are not many companies in the world with the service profile like Archcom. The combination of commercial diving and archaeology has established itself as the leading standard in the archaeological industry with Archcom at the forefront of this trend.

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